" I got up. Went to the exam centre. Chose my questions. I answered them. Went home. No problems, no worries,,no exam stress, nothing to get worked up about. I can't believe the change in myself - thank you for all you have done "

Exams Stress and Anxiety is always an unpleasant feeling.

It’s impossible to have gone through life without at some point or another, going through the trauma of exam nerves or stress. While some people can easily learn and digest the necessary information to sit through a test, others simply find it impossible to retain the information on the day of the exam.

Exams are always a stressful time; no matter what age, five, fifteen or fifty! It’s still an unnerving experience, and for many, the thought of failure is shocking as is the fear of revising for hours on end, only for nerves to have all of the pertinent facts fluttering away as though you hadn’t bothered at all!

Exam stress can either occur on the day of the test, but for many, the run-up to it can be just as terrifying. I’ve dealt with clients at my Hypnotherapy Centre in Belfast who’ve been nervous many months before the actual exam!

Fear can stem from a previous exam, where a person simply forgot everything they’d learnt and the fear of such a reoccurrence has them so nervous that they can’t sleep or rest properly. Unfortunately, this is a vicious circle as this causes fatigue, which makes it difficult for a person to function correctly during the day.

Research shows that students who sleep and eat well and regularly perform best in exams.

Strung out students who are living on their nerves obviously don’t!

Symptoms of exam stress

It isn’t unheard of for exam stress to trigger episodes of depression and panic attacks!

People under deep emotional strain because of their upcoming exams, sometimes experience the following:
  • A feeling of impending doom in the days and weeks leading up to their exam
  • Dryness of the mouth, upset stomach, tension headaches, insomnia etc.
  • A quivering or weak voice in oral exams and no confidence.
  • An inability to write, type or do other manual tasks due to severely trembling hands
  • Staring at an exam paper and not being able to complete a single answer
  • Feeling ill at ease long before the exam is even due to start!

Fast Track Hypnosis is unique to my Hypnotherapy Centre in Belfast and my one-day clinics.

The process will have you feeling more at ease, before and during your exam is designed to calm you down and to retrain your brain, to allow you to retain more facts while studying.

Fast Track Suggestion therapy targets your concentration and memory, making exam nerves a thing of the past. Fast Track Hypnosis will improve your focus during stressful situations and encourage a calm and tranquil mind.

Treating Exam Stress Using Hypnosis

Only one session is required for treating exam stress using hypnosis.


However, this is dependent upon the severity of the problem.

More than one might be necessary, and this would all be discussed with the client before the session commences.

A Support CD or download is also included in the package to reinforce our work together during the session.

Fees £85.00 or 85.00 euros per Session.