"  Dear Alan, without your skill and knowledge I would have been unable to make such great, worthwhile changes in my living and approach to life.
My targets were met. No stress-no smoking. No insomnia. This year took on a happy, optimistic note."

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail

The above saying is very true! Do you tend to concentrate only the bad? Be it something from the past or when you contemplate the future? Have you tried to set a goal only to fail to accomplish it?

Well, firstly, you're not alone! Millions of people are just like you. They set goals, feel the initial excitement, which gradually starts to wear off, and they lose the impetus and motivation to continue.

Goals and targets and ambition are the only way a person can ever hope to achieve anything with their lives and so, maintaining motivation is a must for everyone.

"I wish I'd done that!" "Why didn't I take the opportunity?" "Why did I turn the job down?"

How often have you said something like that or regretted a past decision?

Too many people are reluctant to set goals and will give a reason as to why they don't. Because they've failed so often in the past, they think it makes no sense to set them as they'll only fail again and that sense of failure, plus the plummeting of their self-esteem is something they don't want to experience again.

Either that or they convince themselves the goal they'd set was too hard, too unrealistic a target.

Unfortunately, people don't take why it didn't work the first time into account. They simply concede defeat and leave it on their to-do list, with the date of completion left conveniently open.

What stops most people from achieving goals in life?

When a person makes a decision on the type of goals/target or ambition they wish to achieve, one of the hardest tasks for them to do is to adhere to it. Using Fast Track Hypnosis can help by motivating the client to keep on track to achieve their goals in life.

Setting and reaching goals should be a time of empowerment. It should make a person feel motivated!

It shouldn't inspire negativity or make you think about failure- anything but!

Naturally, once you've set yourself a goal, the hardest part is sticking to it so that your targets come to fruition and this is where Alan Gilchrist's Fast Track Hypnosis comes into play!

Successful people usually stick to their goals.

A powerful, motivational tool, Fast Track Hypnosis will keep you on the right track and motivate you.

Throughout my career, I've helped thousands of people to attain their goals. My role isn't to make decisions for you or to help you come to a decision - it's to provide you with breathing space. A period of calm rationality during which you can contemplate your future, the choices you need to make and figure out how you'll go about achieving your goals.

Any negativity you have in regards to attaining your target will disappear, and you'll start to relish its completion!

Clients come to me to change their life.

Be it a career change, a desire to excel in a sport, a question of moving house, a decision on a relationship.

I once had a client who couldn't decide whether he should or should not purchase a row of houses. With millions of pounds on the line, the calm rationality Hypnosis provides, obviously the only way he could settle up the pros and cons!

Fast Track Hypnosis enables the client to decide upon what they want to do, where they want to go and how they're going to get there.

By knowing what they want, when they want it and how, no longer having to think about the goal - they just have to concentrate on attaining their every desire.

Dependent upon the response and commitment of each client, this process takes up to four sessions. With the more traditional background, of psychology and hypnotherapy, it can take far longer - months longer!

Fast Track Hypnosis helps you -FAST!

IT achieves this by giving you more time to work on your goals rather than thinking about how to attain them! Once we've met and discussed your targets, I can give you a more accurate number regarding the sessions you require.

Support CDs or Downloads are supplied within the package and are used to reinforce our work together.

You'll finally be taught self-hypnosis, so that you can implant your own positive suggestions wherever and whenever you need them, without the use of the CD's/Downloads.

Fees £85.00 or 85.00 euros per Session.