" My lack of confidence in myself was affecting my life terribly. Finding it difficult to leave the house, even didn't like big crowds or having attention in any way. Alan changed my life "

Increase YOUR Confidence.

Throughout my career, I've helped thousands of people to overcome their confidence issues.

Now, these issues can be quite straightforward problems.

If the soon-to-be-groom fears the ceremony out of embarrassment, because he knows he's going to burst into tears at the service, then Fast Track Hypnosis will help him deal with his emotions.
Many parents of the brides and grooms come to me for the self-same reason, but naturally, there are cases of severe crises of confidence that Fast Track Hypnosis can iron out, leaving you free to enjoy your life!

Here are some of the more common reasons behind a client's visit:

  • Giving a presentation, stumbling over their words as they speak in front of peers
  • Going on a first date
  • Giving reports at work - this is, in fact, a common issue within the medical profession.
  • Cold calling, either in person or on the telephone
  • Asking the boss for a pay rise
  • Dealing with large groups of people
  • Attending or giving lectures

The list is endless, but you should always remember this adage:

Only superior people can feel inferior. Inferior people don't know it!

Many situations can cause a lack of confidence:

  • Being teased or bullied in childhood
  • Self-consciousness about one's appearance or mannerism or Blushing.
  • The inability to cope at work and or being intimidated by the boss
  • They are consistently being put down by parents, a partner, or a boss.
  • A previous situation in which they did not react correctly and regret holding back

Over the 35 years, I have been in practice at my Hypnosis Centre in Belfast, I have helped many thousands of people with severe confidence issues using Fast Track Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy. You could be one of them!

The key to the treatment is to help a person to overcome their self-doubts, insecurities and lack of motivation by implanting positive suggestions over the mind associations and negative emotions centred around a particular situation.

Fast Track Hypnosis is a Powerful Tool.

You will overcome self-doubt and start to rebuild your self-confidence, taking it to unparalleled heights. It means that you can be in a situation that once would have petrified you, and you can deal with it with fresh eyes and a sharp mind and be completely unperturbed by it!

If you feared meetings, social events, presentations etc. because of your low confidence, then that fear will gradually disappear. Why? Because the process will enable you to craft a more positive attitude in regards to anything that would have once caused you concern, upset, unease, anger or self-consciousness.

The power and the control revert back to you. Once again, you're in the driving seat of your own life - not your fear!

Only ONE session is normally necessary if the problem is a simple one.

Deep-Rooted Problems

If an issue is deeply rooted, it can take up to four sessions, depending upon your response and your commitment to the process. In comparison to the longer methods used by psychologists and conventional Hypnotherapists, Fast Track Hypnosis can have you back on track and within no time at all.

It is impossible to be accurate in detail how many sessions are required, as each person is different. But be it one or four sessions, the number is dramatically lower than the traditional courses required by conventional therapists!

Support CD's or Downloads are provided within the Fast Track package, and this will reinforce our work together. You will also learn self-hypnosis, which will give you the ability to top up our work together, if a situation arises, where you just need to calm down and relax.

Fees £85.00 or 85.00 euros per Session.

Fast Track Hypnosis at Belfast Hypnotherapy Centre is about empowering you and returning the control to you!