" I attended you due to lack of confidence and interview nerves, which was brought to the forefront by going for a job interview. Well I was successful in my interview and have started my new job "

Interview Nerves

What employers want from you

Employers want to recruit the best, not embarrass them during interviews! The idea of a job interview is enough to have most people feeling faintly queasy.

Either that or beset with a gutful of butterflies! The very prospect of displaying their most professional side to strangers, as well as the prospect of retaining a cool head and handling the situation with aplomb.

It can be enough to bring about stuttering! Something which only adds to a person's turmoil!

Gain interview confidence with Fast Track Hypnosis

Past failure is just one of the reasons people visit me.

with one interview having floundered thanks to nerves, and they refuse the prospect of a reoccurrence.

It's impossible to wing an interview. Preparation is the key, and I can't help you with that side of things. But all the training in the world won't help you project yourself as the ideal candidate for the job.

An interview is a perfect moment to display your capabilities to a potential employer.

With the prospect of potential promotion, is it any wonder these situations are a hotbed of nerves?

However, the key to a successful interview is to remain cool, calm and relaxed.

This way, you display the real you, and the recruiter can only be impressed.

If you did an excellent interview and know you retained a cool head, then even if you are not given the job, you can leave knowing you did your best.

It sets you up for the next ones!.

Many people have told me their fear of interviews has trapped them in an unfulfilling job.
The reasons being:

  • A total lack of confidence
  • Suffering panic attacks when in an enclosed environment interview hypnosis
  • Frightened of being the centre of attention
  • Unable to ultimately settle into the interview
  • Unable to recall facts and figures relevant to the job
  • Another colleague is the interview.
  • Having performed poorly in a previous interview
  • A complete lack of belief in themselves
  • Blushing (See section on Blushing)

Before or during the meeting, some people experience the following:

  • Uncontrollable shaking
  • Inability to answer a question - lost for words or even stammering
  • Feeling nauseous or unsteady
  • An uncomfortably dry mouth
  • Butterflies in the stomach
  • Being close to or fainting
  • Blushing or fearing they're about to do just that!

Fast Track Overcome Interview Nerves occurs in ONE session

Although this is dependent upon the severity of the anxiety. This one session is split into two sections.

Part one of the session

We deal with comportment. How to conduct yourself in an interview. Which way to sit, where to look, what to say in a difficult situation, and how to respond to any awkward questions, etc.

All this prepares you physically as body language is an immensely important aspect of an interview - every part of you is being assessed!

Part two of the session

It prepares you mentally. Under Hypnosis, your negative thoughts about the interview are transplanted with positive suggestions.

Through the state of heightened awareness that is Hypnosis, we can flood your mind with refreshing and calming ideas, which will act as a de-stressing agent as you attend your interview; but also through life too.

These suggestions permeate the mind and take root in the subconscious, and this is how lifelong changes are made.

If the problem is more deep-rooted

If the depth of anxiety is profound, then up to four sessions may be required, and this does depend on each person.
Commitment is a must. I can't state exactly how many sessions are required - everyone is different.

I can only provide a more accurate number when I have spoken to you, and we have gone through your background and history together.

In comparison to the 1000 hour analysis used by psychologists, as well as the 15 sessions or more needed by conventional Hypnotherapists - Fast Track Hypnosis dramatically speeds up the process, leaving you free to lead a more confident life.

Each package contains a support CD or Download, and this reinforces our work together.

Clients are finally taught the benefits of auto hypnosis to give themselves positive suggestions without the CD's or Downloads, which is useful for before and during the interview.