" I cannot thank you enough. I haven't smoked since September 1st and it hasn't been difficult. In the past when I tried to quit I felt like a drug addict with horrible withdrawal symptoms.
Thankfully, I did not experience that this time. Thanks again Alan, Deidrie "

 Facts About Smoking and Health Issues

 Tobacco smoking is the largest cause of ill health and premature deaths in the U.K.

Smoking claims well over 120,000 lives per year.

It is the cause of one-third of ALL cancer deaths (40,000 and 82% being lung cancer).
Below is a list I have produced to highlight the main deadly and strange ingredients a cigarette contains.

There are, in fact, over 600 ingredients in cigarettes ranging from the bizarre to the deadly.

The main ones only are listed below:

  • Formaldehyde - used for embalming dead bodies
  • Ammonia - household bleach
  • Acetone - paint stripper
  • Cadmium - used in batteries
  • Aluminium - metal linked with Alzheimer's disease
  • Hydrochloric acid - industrial agent
  • Ethanol - used in antifreeze
  • Furfural - industrial alcohol
  • Maltol - strong alcohol
  • Para-methoxycinnamaldehyde - slug pellets
  • Nicotine - highly toxic nerve poison. A dosage of fifty-thousandths of a gram will kill a person
  • Carbon monoxide - produced by car exhausts
  • D.D.T - banned pesticide
  • Hydrogen cyanide - used in gas chambers in U.S.A

Others ingredients

Hydroquinone; methacrolein; methyl alcohol; methyl nitrate; ammonia; methylamine; hydrogen sulphide; nickel compounds; benzo(a)pyrene; acetaldehyde; carbon dioxide; methyl ethyl ketone; crotonomitrile; nitrogen dioxide; hydrogen cyanide; hydrocyanic acid; acetonitrile; nitric oxide; acrylonitrile; pyridine; endrin; ethylamine; furfural; cadmium; butadione; nicotine; DDT; ethane; acetylene; methanol; phenol; creosol; benzene 2,3; methane; isoprene; propane; acrolein; ethylene; tar (residue); metals and many more.

The Bizarre

Cocoa, honey, almonds, caramel, geranium, bay leaf oil, carrot seed oil, coffee, lemongrass, celery seeds, vanilla pods, ...and many more.